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Management Systems
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Experience in management systems

Development of strategies

Development of strategies for the implementation of risk and safety man

Development of strategies

agement systems.


ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
We design strategies, work plans, and training, and we provide tutoring and support in audits by stakeholders. The main attributes of this service are to optimize the implementation investment and ensure legal compliance and the effectiveness of the system adapted to the business model.


Process Safety Management (PSM)
Acording to the nature of the processes, the levels of risk and preventive culture, the most relevant preventive practices are integrated to respond to the PSM controls, as well as the leadership models necessary to implement it are review.


ISO 31000 Risk Management Systems
We provide support with studies of the company's process, financial, and reputation risks; and with the design of strategies to manage and measure them, in line with the business objectives.


We adapt them to the needs and possibilities of our clients to carry out second- and third-party audits of the Safety and Risk Management Systems.

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